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Complete Concussion Management

In 2015 our clinic became an official Complete Concussion Management™ clinic!

As concussions have become the focus for both professional and amateur athletes around the world, we at Back in Balance Family Chiropractic & Wellness Centre wanted to be at the forefront of concussion diagnosis, management, and rehabilitation. With our collaboration and education through Complete Concussion Management we now offer the very best in research-proven concussion treatments and rehabilitation.

What Do I Do if I Have a Concussion?

Following a concussion injury, the first 24-48 hours are the most crucial, due to the potential for a more serious underlying injury that may require immediate medical attention such as a bleed or swelling in the brain. The patient should be closely watched for at least 3 hours following the injury by a responsible adult, to monitor for any deterioration in their condition, as this may indicate bleeding or serious swelling within the brain.

Complete Concussion Management™ wishes to keep everyone as safe as we can, so please take any and all precautions, especially when any of the following symptoms are present. These are signs of potentially serious or life-threatening conditions and require immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency department:

            • Severe or worsening headache
            • Very drowsy or can’t be woken up
            • Vomiting
            • Drug or alcohol intoxication at time of injury
            • Deficits in short-term memory (can’t remember things that just happened, repeating the same questions over and over
            • Seizure
            • Decreasing level of consciousness or awareness (can’t recognize people or places)
            • Fluid or blood coming from ears, nose, mouth, or eyes
            • Bruising behind ears, black eyes, very tender points on face
            • Inability to remember events 30 minutes before and leading up to the injury or 30 minutes after the injury
            • Unsteady on their feet
            • Slurring of speech
            • Weakness or numbness in the arms or legs
            • Dangerous mechanism of injury such as being struck by a motor vehicle, being ejected from a motor vehicle, or a fall from more than 3 feet or 5 stairs

It is important that concussed patients receive a proper neurological evaluation as well as proper management advice as soon as possible following injury, as this has a significant impact on their recovery. To find the nearest CCMI clinic, please click here.

DO’s AND DONT’s for the first 24-48 hours

  • DON’T give any medication! This may mask the signs of a worsening condition and may increase the risk of bleeding in the brain.
  • Rest is important for recovery, however DON’T allow the athlete to go to sleep for at least 3 hours after injury – this is to monitor for signs of a worsening condition. The injured person will likely be tired and want to sleep but converse with them to make sure they are speaking coherently, not slurring their words and not repeating the same questions over and over.
  • DO periodically stand them up and have them close their eyes with their feet together to check for signs of balance problems. If they are getting worse, take them to the emergency department for evaluation.
  • For the first night following the injury DO check in on the injured athlete every 2 hours. There is no need to wake them unless you are concerned about their breathing or sleep. If the condition worsens, take them to the emergency department right away.
  • The Concussion Sideline Course is now available online for only $14.99!
    Take the course here.

    Upon completion of this course you will have access to the NEW Concussion Tracker smartphone application that works directly with our national concussion database! This will allow you to create a list of all your players/students, report suspected injuries directly to one of our concussion treatment facilities, and get up to date information on concussed athletes from their primary health practitioner throughout their recovery process. This provides teachers and coaches with specific academic accommodations and athletic drills that they are either permitted, or not permitted, to do at each stage of their recovery.


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