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About Concussion Testing and Rehab

Concussion Testing

Concussions can occur in any sport, recreational activity or accident. In 2010, 17,000 children were treated at Vancouver Children’s Hospital for concussion; translated into dollars, 2.4 million dollars were spent on hospitalizations alone for concussion treatment.

All coaches, parents, and athletes need to learn concussion signs and symptoms and what to do if a concussion occurs. At Back in Balance Wellness Centre we offer complete Baseline Concussion Testing and a Return to Play Protocol. Our program, designed by the Chicago Blackhawks medical team is considered one of the best in North America. We are available to assist you in recognizing the signs and symptoms of concussion and guiding you in the proper treatment and care of your injury. Our program is overseen by our talented team of health care professionals with extensive knowledge in the field. Our monitored Return to Play Program and baseline concussion testing is now available at our Wellness Centre in Castlegar.

Why Baseline Concussion Testing?

Baseline testing is when objective measures of balance, reaction time, memory, and cognitive function are established.

Every athlete’s baseline concussion scores are unique and cannot be compared to average population results. It is therefore important to have your own objective baseline measure established before an injury occurs.

If an injury occurs the baseline tests are repeated and the results are compared to your unique baseline scores.

Without this comparison, athletes are at risk of returning to regular activities prior to full recovery. This may prolong their recovery or possibly result in permanent neurological damage.

Baseline testing takes approximately 45 minutes. Arrangements for larger groups can be made (approximately 4 athletes per hour).

The online portion of the testing must be done in a quiet environment with no distractions – instructions will be given on how to complete this in an ideal environment (usually at home).

Please note that a baseline should be administered on an annual basis.

Why monitor Return-to-Play?

Should an athlete sustain an injury, it is important to implement the appropriate Return to Sport protocol (whether a baseline has been conducted or not). The player is put through a series of incremental tests, which are compared to their baseline test results to determine their level of recovery.

A common belief is that the absence of symptoms indicates a full recovery, when in-fact, being symptom free is only the first stage of recovery. This misconception results in many athletes returning to play far too early. Without a gradual and supervised protocol the athlete may experience a prolonged recovery and is in danger of suffering further and potentially life-long neurological impairment.

Price List:

Individual Baseline Concussion Testing – 12 years and younger COST: $129.00

Individual Baseline Concussion Testing – 13 years and older COST: $139.00

TEAM Baseline Concussion Testing – 12 and younger (minimum of 10 players) COST: $99.00/player

TEAM Baseline Concussion Testing – Over the age of 13 (minimum of 10 players) COST: $109.00/player

*Direct billing to Extended Health Care providers available for Baseline testing*

*Patient is responsible for amount not covered by Third Party Payer*
Return-to-Play/Work Treatment –costs will vary depending on severity of the injury and recovery time.


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